Ginger Rogers Wellness 

 Healing Therapies‚Äč

Therapeutic and personal development techniques that involves working with the human body involving manipulative therapy, breath work or energy medicine, including Magic

Below is a list of "most" of my healing modalities.


Swedish, Polarity, Sensual

Shih Tzu Massage

Trigger Point Massage 

Acupuncture Laser

Ultrasound for post op surgeries or injuries (old or new)

Cranial Sacral,  The Bars

HBL Sessions

Touch or Acupressure

Thai or Sports (Stretch Therapy)


Prostate Massage

ED Erectile Dysfunction and 

PE Premature Ejaculations Solutions

 Tantric Technique

Energy Practitioner / Reiki Master

Breath Work Coach

Ear Candling (great for sinus issues)

Supplement and Life Style Coaching

I have a 5 ***** review rating on Google.

What Clients Say About Ginger

"I sleep better"

"I am more productive at work"

"My family can really see a difference"

"I can workout like I did when I was much younger"

"Sex is enjoyable again"

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