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Mental Re-Mapping or Re-coding

Updating your operating system is key to truly getting what you want in your life.

The human brain is the most powerful computer in the world. And the human mind is it's software.

It records everything we see, hear, touch, smell or taste AND believes it all to be facts. even if they're not.  .

We write tons of files and unfortunately, some of the early ones become default files and continue to control us long after we've outgrown them. And some are new and build on fear so they can become a default file as well .example: 

 ED or erectile dysfunction. As men mature, some body parts start to slow down and because a man's penis is controlled by his mind. It's a very sensitive topic so when it starts, men begin to create files based on fear. "Oh damn, what if I can't get up, what will she or he think?" "Is my penis going to behave this time?" And there are many more.  Every client who's worked with me for ED has a mental file that has created the condition or made it worse.  So even before any action starts, the file pops up and takes over because your given your power to the condition.  This happens all the time. But the good new is, WE ARE NOT BROKEN. We were born into a problem solving reality that is broken. Updating your old files that were created to protect you in the beginning that ARE now stopping you. 

Usually one session can re-map or re-code any file.  However, folders may take several times. It really depends on how free we want to be. We are designed to operate in a creative structure. Updating your operating system is like updating the operating system on your cell phone. Continually getting the bugs out., runs quicker, and more efficiently. Creating your reality from a creative structure is true freedom.

It is true what has been said many times, "Whatever we think about, we bring about."

At anytime we have the ability to UPDATE our software. 


Phobias, Behaviors, Addictions, Habits just to name a few. Learn a sport, improve a sport, read a book, play an instrument all in 45 -60 minutes.

This is NOT about telling your history, you can't change that. It's about approaching life from your present in a creative structure instead of problem solving structure. You want to be free? I mean really free? Update your operating system for you journey. After all, it is yours and YOU can design it anyway you want it. Re-discover how magnificent you really are.

Some Results My Clients Have Experienced

*"I took an average of points off my golf game"

"I quit my job and went to law school"

"I updated Rheumatoid Arthritis out of my body"

"I learned how to be a better spouse and parent"

"I discovered I didn't have ED after all."

Certified in NLP re-mapping 1996

Magnetic Mind University 2020

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